Title: Parvani
Draft: Prewriting

Parvani is what the moon is called far into the future after we've colonized it. There's currently not a story brewing for this one, but the cultures are really interesting. Because of the sun, those living on the dark side of the moon - Charna - are really pale and those living on the light side - Kamaria - are really dark, and they really don't like each other. (Racism, anyone?) Around the equator is a place called Medea, and it doesn't exactly officially exist. The Charnans and Kamarians ignore it, because it's the home of those who look too much like the Charnans for the Kamarians to accept them and too much like the Kamarians for the Charnans to accept them. So the Medeans have to steal what they need and stuff like that, and they're slowly building a society that they hope to use to show the Kamarians and Charnans the error of their ways.

Release Date: To be determined
Contributors: R.M. Archer, Author
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