The King’s Paladin

Title: The King's Paladin
Series: The Dark War Trilogy #3

I'm currently really torn about how I feel on this one. The main character has the potential to be the most interesting of all the trilogy's MCs... Or the most annoying. In my head she's the former, but on paper she's trying to be the latter, so we'll see how well I'm able to force her to work as time goes on.

I've also recently come across a few more characters who weren't who I thought they were or formerly didn't exist at all, and their dynamics - with each other and with the MC Coraline - are really interesting, so I think they'll be a lot of fun to write. They might even be the key to figuring out how to write Coraline properly.

Word Count: 3749
Release Date: 2019
Contributors: R.M. Archer, Author
Genre: ,


The Paladin's Legacy: A blessing or a curse? To Coraline it seems to be the latter, and as she struggles with the death of her mentor and her newfound power, her country is plunged into the center of a world war. Will she be able to control her power before it comes time to use it?

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