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Deep Worldbuild Project Part 6: History

Well, this post could be interesting. I don’t usually go real deep into the history of my countries. Aside from the one world in which most of the history is told in the series, so… Yeah. But before we move onto that I’ll give you the link to the past posts, in case you missed them. You can read them all here.

And now we start our history lesson. *takes a deep breath* Here we go.

Backstory first… Yep, backstory to backstory. This is already such a clear, concise post. Oh dear. Well, Themar is in a star system I created quite a while ago called the Alleruus System. In it are the majority of the rest of my story worlds. So, yeah. Backstory of backstory is now done. Now we get to the actual backstory. (I apologize for my rambling. Tired brains are not the best for clear writing. Please bear with me.)

In 4,000 BE (Before Execution), the Alleruus Star System was created. That comes with a whole bundle of planets, countries, peoples, etc. At this point, only the Morressir and the Dwarves lived on Themar. On other planets were humans, Elves, other Dwarves, etc.

For four thousand years the Morressir live in peace with each other, even though they’re probably at war with the Dwarves for a great majority of that time. I just don’t see the Morressir and the Dwarves getting along. They’re so entirely different that I can’t imagine they’d even try to find one thing in common. (I’m making all of this up as I go, so you’ll get a small look at my thought processes and whatnot. We’re learning this all together. :))

Then in about… 10 AE? The Elves from Titania (a rinky-dink, nearly forgotten world of mine) discover that they can create ships that can travel through air and space (because apparently their scientific advances are a lot faster than ours). They call them, creatively, airships. *gasp* So creative, right?! Yep, definitely tired brain. And I’m going off-topic yet again. I apologize. Anyway, these Elves decide to do some exploring and find Themar. They take a liking to it, and to Roenor and Adrelia in particular, they name them (apparently Hurg and Kira weren’t satisfactory, they had to rename them Elvishly. Elvishly? Yep, that’s a word now. Okay.

Anyway, they had some wars with the Morressir and Dwarves, of course, since they didn’t want to give up their land (who does?), but they eventually defeated the Dwarves and came to an agreement with the Morressir, because the Morressir are actually a very peaceful culture. They can be very stubborn, but they’re peaceful. So they were happy to make an agreement with the Elves. I’m repeating myself and being redundant. And I did it again. Oh well.

There was tension between the Elves and Dwarves for several hundred more years (until about 712 AE), during which some humans from Titania decided they wanted to move to Themar, as well. More conflict! That’s always fun. Anyway, they shoved the Elves out of the way, which meant tensions between their two races, as well. So at this point, the Elves like neither the humans nor the Dwarves, the Dwarves don’t like the Elves or the Morressir, and the Morressir pretty much try to avoid everyone. And humans honestly don’t really care, as a group.

So several hundred years later, in about 1420 AE, people are finally (mostly) at peace, and everyone’s (usually) happy. Hooray! Cheers all around!

And I’m thinking that the story that spawned in my brain will take place in approximately… 1994 AE? That’ll work.

Anyway, this is obviously a very loose history of the planet Themar, and I may or may not dig deeper later. I apologize for my rambly weirdness and invention of new words (actually, I’m not sorry for creating new words. Creating new words is awesome.) Thank you for sticking with me to the end despite my tired brain. Hopefully some small fraction of it actually made sense and you were able to learn something from it or at least enjoy it.


(P.S. No one who looks back on this blog will ever think it was run by a professional. Oh well. It’s not run by a professional, so we’re all good.)

Deep Worldbuild Project Part 5: Religion

Welcome to the fifth installment of my worldbuilding series. If you missed the first four you can read them here: Map Outlines, Landscape and How It Affects Culture, Wildlife, Technology and Magic.

And now onto the subject at hand. For most of my stories I stick to the one I created several years ago, the Abban faith, which mirrors Christianity in every way. Usually I don’t bother with any others. For this series I’m still going to stick with Abban as the true faith, but Kaloris and Roenor are going to have one pagan pantheon as well, and the Morressir believe in something else, as well.

The Morressir’s beliefs are simple. They worship the elements. A few of them have been converted to Abban by the Adrelian Elves, but for the most part they worship the elements.

For the pantheon of Kaloris and Roenor I’m going to borrow an idea I had and barely explored for 2015’s NaNoWriMo story, The Queen of Feanor, that there are couples of gods for each thing. For instance, instead of Zeus being the god of thunder and the skies and whatnot, Zeus and Hera share the role.

These gods are called the Lankádi and are arranged thus:

Sahar & Luna – the moon

Misae & Kalinda – the sun

Tatsuhiro & Tamesis – evil/death

Calder & Naida – water

Callias & Nava – beauty

Davion & Asmara – love

Abridan & Abra – parenthood/marriage/home

Wilhelm & Aeron – war

Vayu & Arenda – air

Daichi & Sonia – wisdom

Barid & Vesna – messengers

Kaysar & Rane – rulers of the gods

The founders of Roenor and Kaloris believed in the Lankádi, and the Abban religion was introduced by foreign visitors, so at this point in time the Landákian and the Abban believers are fairly evenly numbered. Adrelia has the smallest Abban population of Themar, but word is spreading there, as well.

You may or may not want to put a wrong religion in your stories, you might just want to stick with Christianity or a Christian-based religion for your stories like I usually do. For this I just wanted to add a little more opportunity for conflict and redemption and whatnot in whatever Themar stories I might end up writing. It’s entirely up to you what you want to do.

I think that’s about it for this post, and I hope to see you again for the next post on the history of Themar.


Deep Worldbuild Project Part 4: Technology and Magic

Welcome to the fourth installment of the Deep Worldbuild Project series. Yesterday’s post was about the wildlife, and before that we talked about map outlines and culture. Today’s post is about the technology and magic in Kaloris and its neighboring countries.

Let’s start with Kor-Baen, just because it’s at one end of the country and it’s my favorite. ;D

Kor-Baen is home to the Dwarves, as well as a couple of rangers. Well, “home” is a bit of an overstatement for the rangers, but whatever. Like with the rest of Kaloris, cities are placed at key locations, and like in the post about landscape we’ll see how it (landscape) affects culture, but with a narrower scope this time.

What kind of technology places have depends on what materials are available, which depends on the surrounding landscape. With Kor-Baen there’s a lot of rock and metal and not a lot of lumber. What lumber they do have comes from the small evergreen forest down by Dakineth, and with there being a large Patharai population in those woods, even the dwarves aren’t in a hurry to go in there for lumber.

That being said, they do go into the woods on occasion, usually about once every two months and then only in large numbers, to carry back as much lumber as they can because they know they need it.

In the three chief mining cities – Avuineth, Onolineth, and Istrineth – the technology is very simple. I mean, this is a medieval fantasy world, so all of it’s simple, but the technology in Kor-Baen is particularly simple. In the mining cities they have mining carts and tracks to assist them, and they use hand tools for the actual mining.

After they’ve extracted the ore they toss it into furnaces until it becomes liquid and they send it through a simple sieve to catch the rock and whatever else is mixed into the ore. From there it’s poured into molds and set aside to cool.

Sometimes the mining cities will send the purified iron to the river cities where it’s turned into wrought iron. Those facilities are powered by waterwheels. Those river cities also provide fish acquired from their ice fishermen.

In the rest of Kaloris, as well as in Roenor, the technology is fairly simple. They have a crude sort of plumbing that involves wooden seats over holes in the ground that lead to sewers, and the rest is medieval-esque. Stone ovens and fireplaces; letters and messengers for long-range communication (or carrier birds, sometimes); horses, wagons, carts, etc. for transportation; etc. Their navy consists mostly of fishing boats and a couple of caravels, so they’d better hope they don’t get into a war with Roenor and their large navy.

Audrelia has very little by way of technology. They use cooking fires, they have yet to adopt the plumbing systems that their neighbors use, and they walk everywhere unless they can find a stray flamingo. Yes, I said flamingo. The Morressir use spears for their fishing instead of the nets that even their Elven countrymen use. They stick only to necessities whenever possible.

Roenor has much of the same technology as Kaloris, but they have a more advanced navy, as mentioned above. In addition to a few fishing boats and several caravels, they also have quite a few galleys, longboats, and barques.

This post is titled “Technology and Magic,” but I think the latter will be very sparse on Themar. If there’s any at all it will belong to the Elves, who don’t use it very often because it’s unnecessary. In that case, the Adrelian Elves would use it more, and out of a wish for comfort. The Adrelian Elves are more foolish than the Elves elsewhere. I’m not entirely sure why, yet.

I guess that about wraps up this post. I’d share another chapter of my WIP, but I haven’t written more yet. I should do that. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the post and I hope you’ll stay tuned for tomorrow’s post. :) Bye!


Howdy! Today we’ll be talking about NaNoWriMo. Can you believe it’s in less than a month?

I’ll be writing a fantasy (big surprise there) called The Lowlines. Here’s the synopsis.


Rhiannon Anson is the leader of the Lowlines, an organization of criminals-turned-vigilantes fighting to keep the worlds of the Acallarus star system safe.

But when the Lowlines are forced to disband, Rhiannon and her friend Ore Salenda are the only members still attempting to sustain justice in Acallarus. Then they run into Leo Redthorn, a thief with a mysterious past, who offers to help them reconnect the Lowlines.

But can Leo be trusted? And with so much opposition, will they be able to find the Lowliners and recreate the organization or will they die in the attempt?


Also, if you are planning to do NaNoWriMo, I highly recommend signing up on the official site. It’s a great place to meet other writers, and it’s harder to slack off with people encouraging you to keep writing. One of my favorite forums on there is Christian Teens Together! If you do decide to join that forum, however, beware the fact that it will be hard to keep up with us. We post almost constantly. But it’s still a great thread if you can keep up!

I’d love to see you there!


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