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Weekly Writing Update – December 2-9, 2017

Getting back into the swing of things after my trip has been hard for me, so the following update isn’t going to be very pretty, but at least I’ve written some of what I needed to in the past week. Also, I have a blog schedule announcement: I’ll only be posting one short story this month, because I have to write 18 separate from the blog already and it’s just too much for me to take on. I promise they’ll be back in January!

December 2 – Word count unknown

I haven’t the foggiest idea what I wrote on the second, if anything. I’m fairly certain I didn’t write anything, since this would have still been on my trip and cousins would have been keeping me busy.

December 3 – 818

This was the day I started one of my Christmas-gift short stories, a satirical fairytale retelling that is now the beginning of a series of short stories, which I plan on publishing as an anthology in February. I also posted a survey for my readers, to help me improve my blogging and Facebook page schedules for 2018.

December 4 – Word count unknown

I’m fairly sure I didn’t write anything on Monday, but I could be mistaken.

December 5 – 2,098

I’m not entirely sure what I wrote on the fifth, but it was definitely one (or more) of my Christmas-gift short stories, and judging from what I have finished, likely the one I started on the third.

December 6 – 1,682

On Wednesday I looked at the results of the survey I posted and ranked the lists according to your votes. (You can still vote if you’d like, FYI.) I also finished one of my Christmas-gift short stories, Out of Water, and made a timeline for that fairytale retelling series, The Mirror-Hunter Chronicles.

December 7 – 4,445

I think that’s inaccurate. I think I failed to copy things over on a past day and it got attributed to Thursday. My estimate is more like… 3,500? Maybe? I worked on a short story called Epidemic, which is another Christmas-gift short story. This one is related to my novel The Half-Elves.

December 8 – 468

Well yesterday’s writing was pitiful. I had nine goals. How many did I complete? Two. I decided on a new blog tagline and reorganized my 2018 goals schedule. That’s it.

December 9 – Undetermined

Well, at the rate we’re going… I had a choir concert fairly early this morning, so I’m tired, and I’ve been wasting my time since on scrolling through Facebook and deleting irreplaceable audio recordings of my sister and I. (Accidentally. I’m furious with myself.) I’m hoping to finish Epidemic today, which should be easy to do since I’m almost done… if I can buckle down and do it. I should do that. My goals for the last five hours before I go to bed (wow, that sounds like a long time like that. O-O): Write and schedule several blog posts, finish Epidemic, write two additional short stories (both members of The Mirror-Hunter Chronicles), plan my Secret Santa short story. (I’ll try to return with an update in the comments at the end of the day.)

Quick Update

Hello everyone! I’d say I’m sorry I haven’t been on, but that would be weird because my scheduled posts have been going up for all of the two weeks I’ve been gone, so it doesn’t seem like I’ve been gone. Posts or not, I’d like to give a quick update on what my plans are for writing in the near future and stuff like that.

My trip

Over the past two weeks I’ve been at the beach with my aunt and uncle and cousins. I thought I’d be able to easily handle my cousins because my younger siblings are so nuts, but somehow my cousins managed to be crazier. Fortunately, I managed to survive. (They weren’t as awful as this makes them sound, I promise.)

I got to go to the beach for the first time, which was super cool. I saw it as writing research (you know you’re a writer when…), and since I’m writing a mermaid short story for one of my sisters for Christmas that was really nice. The beach is actually really fascinating in a number of ways. The patterns in the sand were way cooler than geology class could ever be. Just saying.

The food was excellent, I did a lot more than I usually do, I stayed up way to late and was exhausted by the time it was time to come home, I got to hear my uncle’s thoughts on his first time watching The Lord of the Rings (which was amazing), and I had a chance to read Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis, which I’ve been really wanting to read for a while since I love both C.S. Lewis and mythology. (Till We Have Faces is a retelling of the myth of Cupid and Psyche, for those who don’t know.) I found it on my aunt’s shelf, so I read it while I was there.

Plans for near-future writing

My nearest project is to write seventeen short stories in the next ten days. Yes, I may very well be crazy. I expect I’ll be super stressed and have a ton of fun, and since I’m getting them all printed it’ll be super cool to hold them as physical books, even if they’re just short stories and they’re super skinny and I won’t even be keeping them.

I have a lot of writing planned out for 2018, too, and have since about the middle of last month. Hopefully I’ll be able to stick to the plan, and if all goes well I’ll be publishing House of Mages in March and various short stories throughout the year. My first 2018 publication will most likely be a collection of the short stories I write this month (and a couple I wrote last month), which will be a total mishmash of genres.

In closing

Another thing I’d like to have finished either this month or next month is finalizing a style and schedule for my blog and a schedule for my Facebook page in such a way that it is more beneficial to my readers. That in mind, I’ve made a survey for my readers to tell me what they’d like to see and what they’re not so crazy about on those platforms. If you’d take a couple of minutes to fill it out I’d really appreciate it. :)

Anyway, I’m happy to be back and excited to get to work on my next projects.

NaNoWriMo Wrap-Up

NaNoWriMo is now behind us. Actually, it’s been behind me for nearly two weeks, but for most people it has just passed. I went in with a goal of 100k in 17 days, thinking that 6k per day would be totally doable. And it would’ve been, if I hadn’t been so stuck on the end product of my book that I began to hate the writing process. So about halfway through that, with my novel, The Shadow Raven, at about 33k, I switched to short stories. I decided to write short stories for my friends and family for Christmas, so I started working on those instead of TSR, because TSR needed a break.

Altogether, with The Shadow Raven, various short stories, and blog posts, I met the normal goal of 50k. So much for doubling it, huh? But that’s still 50,000 words I didn’t have, my novel is about a quarter of the way done (ish), and I have a couple of completed short stories, several finished blog posts, and a couple more short stories in the works. So I’m disappointed I didn’t reach 100k, but I’m happy with the words I do have. :)

How about you? If you did NaNoWriMo last month, how did you do? I’d love to hear about it down in the comments.

Farewell to November

NaNoWriMo is ended (it actually ended for me somewhere around the 18th) and now it’s time to take stock.

November’s Writing

I’ve written 50k this month on varying projects. 33k of it was on The Shadow Raven, as intended, but then I fell off of that and I’ve been working on short stories and blog posts instead.

November’s Reading

November’s reading has been quite unimpressive. I’ve read a little of Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas, a little of Echoes by Miranda Marie (that one I was saving for after I won NaNo, so I only read a couple of chapters when I met my word count goal), and a little of Thread and Spindle by Holly Hook. I’ve enjoyed all of them, and now I get to finish reading Echoes. ^-^

Other Exciting Stuff

I’m on vacation at the beach for the first time since I was probably three. It’s not anywhere super warm, unfortunately, but still. It’ll be cool to see what a beach is like in person so I can write it better. And you know you’re a writer when you see your two-week vacation as story research. ;)

NaNoWriMo Update Week 3

Before I continue, I need to give you an update… on my updates. I’m going on a two-week vacation starting today, so I won’t have updates again until December 4th. I still have posts scheduled between now and then, but my update posts will have a void because I wrote them all yesterday. Another couple of updates: There won’t be a short story on the third, and I’m starting an advent series for December, so for every day until Christmas I’ll have a poem, flash fiction, or post related to Christmas or winter. These posts will be in addition to your regularly scheduled programming as it was before November.

November 12 – 646

All of my writing this day was working on short stories for Christmas presents. And apparently I didn’t do much on that.

November 13 – 652

I have no idea what I did on the thirteenth except that I only made one of my three goals, which was to start on my best friend’s short story.

November 14 – 2,605

Thaaaat’s better. I wrote several blog posts on the fourteenth, in preparation for my vacation, and all of the above words are from that. I wrote five posts and half a poem that day.

November 15 – 2,411

The halfway point of NaNoWriMo. Or, for me, nearly the end. I finished my sister’s short story (which is now also formatted and ready to go as soon as I measure the cover properly and get it sent in) that day, and sent it to my mom for edits.

November 16 – 1,248

Almost done with my best friend’s short story, Silence. And I also made a list of authors I could ask to be interviewed on my blog next year. We’ll see if I do anything with that or not. (I plan to, but I’m still partially undecided.)

November 17 – 495

All of that word count was putting together my goals for 2018. Yes, you look at me like I’m crazy, but I’m actually enjoying having those done early. It means I can play with the order of things for the next couple of months. And my plan involves the publication of several short stories and two novels, which is exciting.

November 18 – 423 (At the time that this is written)

Yesterday was spent, hopefully, finishing up the blog posts I need to schedule (like this one) and finishing Silence. But since there was stuff I needed to finish before leaving for vacation, I’m not sure if that got done or not. Well obviously now I am, but at the time I’m writing this I have no idea. Don’t time-travel, people.


Total NaNoWriMo word count: 43,202


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