Short Stories

If you’d like to read some of my stories and don’t want to scroll through pages of blog posts, or just want a taste of what I write in different genres, this is the page you’re looking for. This is an archive of the short stories I’ve posted on my blog, with their genres noted alongside.

A Half-Elves short story – Fantasy (This is related to a series I’ve been “working on” for almost eight years, but you don’t need to have read the series to enjoy the short story.)

The Dust Thief – Fantasy

Sea Glass & Pressed Flowers – Contemporary (Trigger warning: divorced parents)

This Is His Story – Romance, with some sci-fi elements (Trigger warning: infant loss)

Friendship Bracelets & Seashells – Contemporary

Jac & Jiles – Fantasy (This one is an expansion of Jack and Jill, which was interesting to write.)

Rainy Days & Coffee Grounds – Contemporary

While I Was Sleeping – Sci-Fi (Another that ties in with a story but isn’t reliant on it.)

Mourning Marie – Contemporary (Trigger warning: infant loss)

Charming – Contemporary

One Shot – Sci-Fi

Studded – Fantasy

Bag of Beans – Fairytale Fantasy