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Snippet Sunday – Let It Go and Come Alive

I’ve done a sad amount of story writing this past week, and what I do have is either full of spoilers or not particularly well-written (the latter is probably mostly me being self-conscious, but whatever), so instead you’re getting the beginning of a blog post I shared Friday on the group blog I’m part of, Our Mind Palace. I’ll link to the full post at the end.


I don’t like letting go of things. Any of my close friends can back me up on this. I hate relinquishing any sense of control, even if I know that I don’t really have control of a thing and it’s hurting me to hold onto it and I can’t actually do anything about said thing. It’s not even easy to hang on to the things I have no control over; it would be so much easier to just “let go and let God.” But do I? Nope.

Something that has helped me to some degree with this is listening to and thinking about Continue reading “Snippet Sunday – Let It Go and Come Alive”

The Greatest Showman Review

The Greatest Showman Review

I never review movies on this blog unless I’m really impressed with the storytelling (and so far none of them have reached that bar), but The Greatest Showman was so stunning that I have to write about it. “Review” likely won’t be the best description of what you’re about to read, because this movie is beyond breathtaking, so be prepared for me to circle around to the same things and totally exhaust my vocabulary of positive adjectives.

I went into this movie knowing that it was going to be good. I didn’t go in with super high expectations, but I’d had friends tell me it was amazing, Continue reading “The Greatest Showman Review”