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Weekly Writing Update – December 2-9, 2017

Weekly Writing Update – December 2-9, 2017

Getting back into the swing of things after my trip has been hard for me, so the following update isn’t going to be very pretty, but at least I’ve written some of what I needed to in the past week. Also, I have a blog schedule announcement: I’ll only be posting one short story this month, because I have to write 18 separate from the blog already and it’s just too much for me to take on. I promise they’ll be back in January!

December 2 – Word count unknown

I haven’t the foggiest idea what I wrote on the second, if anything. I’m fairly certain I didn’t write anything, since this would have still been on my trip and cousins would have been keeping me busy. Continue reading “Weekly Writing Update – December 2-9, 2017”

NaNoWriMo Update Week 3

NaNoWriMo Update Week 3

Before I continue, I need to give you an update… on my updates. I’m going on a two-week vacation starting today, so I won’t have updates again until December 4th. I still have posts scheduled between now and then, but my update posts will have a void because I wrote them all yesterday. Another couple of updates: There won’t be a short story on the third, and I’m starting an advent series for December, so for every day until Christmas I’ll have a poem, flash fiction, or post related to Christmas or winter. These posts will be in addition to your regularly scheduled programming as it was before November. Continue reading “NaNoWriMo Update Week 3”

(Bi)Weekly Writing Update – October 1-14, 2017

(Bi)Weekly Writing Update – October 1-14, 2017

Oops. I kind of forgot I was doing these two weeks ago, and then I was out of town yesterday and couldn’t put together last week’s, so this is really late, but here’s my update for the past two weeks.

October 1 – Word Count: 448

The beginning of Preptober, as we NaNoWriMo participants call the month of October. A time to plan out our NaNos and get hyped up for the event. I put the novel information up for The Shadow Raven on the NaNoWriMo site (you can find it here, if you’re interested in reading the synopsis and an excerpt and seeing the temporary cover) and did some worldbuilding. Unfortunately, I didn’t Continue reading “(Bi)Weekly Writing Update – October 1-14, 2017”

Weekly Writing Update – September 24-30, 2017

September 24 – Word Count: 481

Well… That’s a lot of words. I wrote a couple of blog posts that day (and apparently didn’t copy them into the program that I use to track my words. Oops), but I did about nothing on drafting my novel.

September 25 – Word Count: 535

Another blogging-centric day. I came up with a list of blog posts to schedule and liked some people as my Facebook page, and that was all. Although I did figure out a couple of trouble spots to fix in my novel, which is always good to do.

September 26 – Word Count: 606

Hey, two palindromes in a row! At least that’s cool. On Tuesday I replaced the images for the majority of my blog posts and pinned them to my Pinterest account. (I apologize for the disarray of my boards. Pinterest decided to experiment with something and then didn’t clean up the mess it left behind. I’m working on hopefully getting it fixed.)

September 27 – Word Count: 448

Wednesday I started working on editing my Pinterest account, adding descriptions to my boards, secreting the ones that I didn’t want public, changing my account name from Autumn Meadowlark to R.M. Archer, and changing my profile picture so that everything matches my Facebook page.

September 28 – Word Count: 445

Wow. I did… absolutely nothing on Thursday. Except emailing Pinterest to get their mess fixed.

September 29 – Word Count: 465

I wrote a scene of The Last Assassin yesterday! Hooray! I doubt anyone would understand a triple rhyme, but someone may. (Sorry, booknerdiness. Don’t mind me.) I also copied a lot of worldbuilding information for The Dark War Trilogy into my binder for easier access and made myself a NaNoWriMo prep checklist. My hand was sore afterwards.

September 30 – Word Count:1,931

Hey! I actually wrote something of substance! Specifically, almost a chapter of The Last Assassin. I’m glad to finally be being productive again, and hopefully that’ll continue. This week has been massively unproductive.